Areas of focus


Empowering Wellness is
a good fit if you are:

• Experiencing anxiety or depression

Navigating a life transition

Coping with stress or low self-esteem

Addressing issues from PTSD

A high achiever

Prefer to work outside the constraints of insurance


Need a discreet counselor

Need support related to disabilities or a newly-diagnosed chronic illness

Not looking for a diagnosis

Have found previous therapy unsuccessful

Feel as if you have been able to outwit previous counselors or past therapists

Connect with a counselor who is honest and discreet.
A counselor who will walk next to you on your journey and won’t let you hide and will help you find what works for you, supporting you through a variety of modalities to untangle the places you find yourself blocked, so you can pursue your pathway to healing. Your way.

Individual Sessions

Walk and Talk

Evaluation for Autism or ADHD


EMDR Intensives


Horticulural Based Therapy 

Intentional Retreats

Emotional Support Animal Evaluations